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74 Secrets To Spice Up Your Sex Life (Guaranteed To Heat Things Up!)

Lots of relationships hit ruts. Sex life dies off, boredom sets in and the routine of "everyday living" is more than they can bear. Unfortunately, most of the advice out there to spice up your sex life comes with X-rated photos and colorful language that some couples are too uncomfortable to handle. Even the best advice, when dressed in that package, fails. 

And it's not because it's bad. It's because it feels like too much or maybe even offensive.  

What if you could spice things up without having to endure that kind of visual? What I'm talking about is using your biggest sex organ to turn you (or your partner) on and that is your BRAIN.

There was a time when most of the erotic movies out there were considered erotic because of story line NOT the images. I offer you my top 74 movies that are erotic and juicy, but NOT pornographic. 

If your wife, husband or partner has been reticent to use porn but would benefit from some sexy talk, sexy images or sexy music, this eBook will give you an invaluable list of ideas to use with your lover. Finally, an alternative that works.

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